Dove Release for Weddings & Funerals

Beautiful” … “Magnificent” … “Glorious” … “Elegant” … “Fantastic Presentation

These are words used by clients and their guests to describe a white dove release by Feathers From Heaven White Dove Release.

From ancient times the dove has been the symbol of Love, Peace, and Joy.

From the time I was a young boy, nature fascinated me. I’ve raised doves (pigeons), since I was 10 years of age. As an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, and even in law school at the University Of California, Berkley, I’ve always raised pigeons. As president of the San Diego County Humane Society for 5 years, I was privileged to work with many San Diegans who love all God’s creatures. As president, I continued to enjoy and use my passion for the welfare of animals. With 20 years of experience in releasing White Doves at countless weddings, memorials, celebrations and special events, we have developed a wonderful reputation for service, presence, dependability, perfect timing, and choreography. Our releases are custom designed. Most often they involve a presentation, which has led to our being chosen “Best of San Diego” by San Diego Magazine. We are able to provide white dove releases numbering from 2 to 200 birds. No other provider in the county of San Diego, which we serve, has that ability or experience.

We are often requested to perform dove releases in Spanish. Se habla espanol!
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We have “standard services” with similar prices to those of other providers within San Diego County. We also offer “premium services” which are unique to Feathers From Heaven White Dove Release. Please call us or submit a contact message including your phone number for the prices and possibilities with our “standard and premium services”.

Thank you,
Joe & Leslie