White Dove Release for Funerals

The loss of a loved one—young or old—is very painful for the immediate family.

After the minister/officiant has concluded the graveside internment or upon the casket exiting the church or chapel, the emotional and spiritual effect of a white dove release—individual hand held releases by the immediate family members and the additional flock release from the basket(s) is glorious and wonderfully exemplified on the video which will be displayed if you “click” on the image above. You will note the Christian symbolism is different from the symbolism for a secular memorial/ celebration of life.

The release may involve only one white dove, or one for each member of the family with an additional basket of 20, or often two baskets of 20 white doves. We explain that these 20 or 40 white doves represent all the rest of those gathered who will one day follow your loved one “home.”

The important and wonderful symbolism of the beautiful doves going “home” and the hope and faith that your loved one has gone “home” is very consoling—“No more pain, no more sorrow, no more death”.

We have “standard prices” which are similar to those of other providers within San Diego County. We also offer premium services which are unique to Feathers From Heaven White Dove Release.

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