Memorial & Ceremony White Dove Releases

Feathers from Heaven White Dove Release is more than capable of large dove releases which encompass carefully designed and choreographed productions. The visual and emotional impact of a 200 or even a 40 white dove release – – depending on the occasion and location, can be very symbolic, thrilling and even exhilarating. We have served large venues such as: Petco Park (celebrating Padres Season Opening Day with 200 white doves), Tony Gwynn Memorial, Sea World (celebration of new marine stadium), Chelsea King memorial (200 white doves), re-dedication of The U.S. Grant Hotel, in downtown San Diego (125 white doves), etc.

The cost of a Special Event production depends on many factors including the pre planning, the designing, the number of white doves, the location, the directing and the choreography. However, our smaller white dove special event releases are wonderfully spectacular and impactful. All Special Event productions are a particular pleasure for us and we are thrilled to make yours very “special”.